This seal certifies our protocols and adequate standards under the post Covid-19 recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Emergency Operations Committee National in Equator (COE).

This is how we maintain your safety and that of our collaborators, so that your only focus is to keep traveling.

New normality...

Suchipakari Lodge, has always been synonymous with Safety and Quality, which is why we have become a REFUGE IN NATURE, for all our visitors where they can enjoy new experiences, but above all feel safe

  • ALL THE STAFF IN SUCHIPAKARI, carries out a confinement of 22 DAYS IN THE LODGE, due to this the biosecurity and health of our STAFF remains free of constant risk of infection.

  • To protect all people, that is, guests, guests, collaborators and suppliers, the MAXIMUM HOTEL OCCUPANCY will be 20 rooms | total capacity.

During this time distance united us, we have been working to improve, renew and train ourselves for this reunion.

Our priority is and will continue to be the safeguarding of the health of all our visitors, guests, vacation club members, coworkers and suppliers, reason why, we have developed our SAFE TRAVEL MODEL that comprises our hygiene and safety protocols to guarantee you’ll feel safe.

Learn about the preventive measures implemented by SUCHIPAKARI. This way, we attend to your needs throughout your stay and until the moment you say goodbye...

Let´s not GO BACK to normality... better let´s start agarin...

  • CHECK IN: USE A MASK, ANTISEPTIC GEL AND DISINFECTION ALCOHOL will be available. Avoid greeting with physical contact.
  • TEMPERATURE will be taken WITH DIGITAL EQUIPMENT. In the case of a temperature greater than 37.5 ° C, a basic symptomatology survey will be applied to help determine if the admission is safe, otherwise we will invite you to reschedule your visit.
  • DISINFECTION PROCESSES will be applied to luggage, suitcases, bags and strollers, as well as footwear.
  • According to the PROTOCOLS AGAINST COVID-19, we suspend the BUFFET TYPE service, so we offer MENU TYPE SERVICE, with excellent Ecuadorian and international dishes, including delicious soups, salads and desserts
  • Our SUPERIOR ROOMS offer a room service, private dinner room and balcony
  • The excursions are PRIVATE and exclusively accompanied by your native guide.
  • We offer tourist transportation based on the NUMBER OF PASSENGERS. From any city in Ecuador. Provision of ALCOHOL, GEL, MASK and CONSTANT DISINFECTION in the access and waiting areas, specific surfaces such as handles, windows, A/C, service bars and handrails, among others.
  • To ensure the correct MASS DISINFECTION of all areas from corridors, social areas, kitchen, restaurant, rooms and even the parking lot, we have based ourselves on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), HIGH IMPACT DISINFECTANTS are used, WITH LONG-TERM AND BIODEGRADABLE RESIDUAL ACTIVITY, to guarantee that all areas and surfaces with which our visitors, guests and collaborators may have contact, have been disinfected.
  • Not only have we applied the distancing in our crowded areas, but we have enabled TOTALLY PRIVATE AREAS, to taste our delicious menus with the best views of the forest. This allows us to control and guarantee our high standards of hygiene, ensuring greater SAFETY, so your only focus will be to keep traveling.
  • ALL THE EQUIPMENT necessary to enjoy the facilities or activities IS DELIVERED PROPERLY DISINFECTED and is placed on disinfected surfaces or attention modules so that the visitor can take it, thus avoiding physical contact.
  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, we have satellite phone, radio and internet. We are always in direct contact with Quito, we also have 30 minutes away, a medical center in the town of Misahuallí.
  • In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and above all, because our goal is to be YOUR REFUGE IN NATURE, all our reservations can be MODIFIED, without any surcharge, that is, If the day of the trip, YOU FEEL BAD or one of the relatives with whom you live is sick, we recommend STAYING HOME, and postponing the trip to another date without any penalty in the reservation.