• Monkey river beach

    Rio Napo, Ecuador .

    Located between two rivers (Napo and Misahuallí rivers), the city has a beautiful sandy beach that is very suitable for swimming, but the most attractive thing about the place are its small inhabitants the ¨monos¨ who live freely and make everyone happy every day.


  • Umbuni Waterfall Rainforest

    Misahuallí, Napo, Ecuador .

    Umbuni Waterfall


  • Rio Blanco Waterfall

    Napo, Ecuador .

    The waterfalls are great and it takes maybe 40min to get there also easy with kids. Great place, nice swimming and good birdwatching since we got there early enough.  
    A a nice place for swimming and relax in the tropical forest

  • Primary Rainforest

    Pusuno River, Ecuador .

    Explore incredible primary forest. Here, there are a number of walks (with varying levels of difficulty) that can last anywhere from an hour-and-a- half all the way up to four hours, taking you through thick and humid jungle, crossing muddy paths and encountering all sorts of wildlife.

    Creep along the jungle paths through the spotlights of sun filtering down through the canopy, careful not to tread on an army of marching ants. SuchiPakari's native guides will show us the abundance and biodiversity of flora, their practical use in everyday life as well as medicinal properties of several plants, trees  and insects and the fascinating symbiosis between them in the Amazon rainforest

    Bird Species: 262  |  Amphibian & Reptiles: 162  |  Mammal Species: 173

  • River Tubing | Floating in the amazon rivers

    Pusuno River, Ecuador .

    Use your own hands to paddle on board the fun rubber tubes. Prove your skills, test your coordination, and venture floating down the river, gazing at the sky and the tree-lined banks, grazing the surface of the water, you would be forgiven for thinking you had drifted into an Amazon dream land. The most sedate way to enjoy the river.


    Amazoonico animal rescue centre, Ahuano, Ecuador .

    You’ll never get as close to a jaguar, ocelot or tapir as you will at AmaZoonico, a rescue sanctuary for all Amazon creatures. Led by volunteer guides, you’ll hear the incredible and sometimes tragic stories of the residents of the centre: from caiman, a wide variety of monkeys, turtles, capybara, toucans, parrots, macaws and everything in between, who struggled to readapt to the wild after they were taken by poachers, sold on the black market, and forced to live domestic lives. By visiting AmaZoonico you are helping to guarantee the protection of these creatures.

    AmaZOOnico is not a zoo but a rescue center for animals of the Amazon in Ecuador



    An expedition to look for caiman on the lake is perhaps the most magical experience of an adventure already filled with wonder. Under the cover of dark rivers. The first thing you see is the ripple in the water, before a pair of be-spectacled eyes rise up from the murky depths and stares straight into your own. In no time at all more and more pairs pop up: the family of caiman have arrived. While safely positioned on a wooden jetty, your guide will summon the reptiles with some meat and you are free to observe the group, sometimes of around 15, ranging for full-sized father to weeks’ old baby.


    night guided excursions, ecuador .

    When darkness falls, Grab your flashlight or headlamp and join your guide to see the forest come alive in the darkness.

  • Save The Frogs | Jungle Reserve Ecuador

    save the frogs, ecotours, Suchipakari Amazon Reserve .

    SAVE THE FROGS! is the world's most effective amphibian conservation organization. 

    Ecotours are designed for wildlife enthusiasts who want to visit amazing natural areas, find and photograph amphibians, and learn about ecology — at a time and place of their own choosing




    Suchipakari River Beach .

    Doing nothing still counts as doing something on holiday. Our private sandy river beach, which is great for children and adults alike, with deck chairs, hammocks, BBQ area and seating areas are available for relaxing in the Amazonian sunshine.

  • Waterfall Rappelling | Rayucocha | Suchipakari Amazon, Ecuador

    Rayucocha Canyoning, Suchipakari, Amazon, Ecuador .

    To up the adventure factor on your trek through the Jungle, try out the Waterfall Rappelling. After swimming , jumping into the waterfall or just putting your feet in the refreshing water you will begin the rappel through the Waterfall, for almost all ages, swings you from one part of the forest to another, like Tarzan!. A guide waits at both ends to oversee your safe departure and arrival.

    The fun increases as your skills improve on your descent! We will then hike out of the river to the trail that take us out of the jungle. Our experienced guides and premium materials ensure that it’s an entirely safe experience.


    Napo River, Ecuador .

    Discover the secret nooks, crannies and rapids of the Napo River and its tributaries at your own pace on this thrilling voyage, accompanied by experienced kayaking and safety professionals. Ages 12 and up.

  • Jatun Sacha Biological Reserve | Medicinal Plants

    jatun sacha, biological reserve, ecuador .

    The JatunSacha Foundation is an Ecuadorian non governmentalnon profit, private organization. It was leagally established in 1989 by Ministerial Agreement No. 270 from the Ministry of Agriculture, published in the Official Record No. 238 on July 21st 1989. Our first conservation project begun in 1985 with the creation on the JatunSacha Biological Station and Reserve, in the ecudorian Amazon.

    The Foundation is a self-sustaining institution with great impact in the line of private conservation initiatives through 5 different models of private reserves with community projects in rural and urban areas.

    The lines of action are mainly: the conservation of biological and cultural diversity through different models of private conservation, environmental education and promotion of research and productive projects that help improve the quality of life of people living in areas of influence of its activities.

    The Foundation has an integrated system of institutional development procedures that ensure the quality of their services. We have a national and international prestigous image, confidence and credibility for having helped position Ecuador in the field of conservation of natural and cultural resources, and for having influenced the creation of other NGOs based on its mission Institutional.


    Cascada Rayucocha, Suchipakari Amazon Activities, Ecuador .

    The excursion to the Rayucocha waterfall is an adventurous hiking activity. Located at approximately 45 minutes driving distance from Suchipakari Amazon Lodge. Here we will hike across, through and alongside the river, and on the way down  through primary Amazon rainforest. An expert guide will lead the way and take advantage of any opportunity to teach us about the wildlife and nature we encounter. We will surely come across many interesting plants with poisonous or medicinal properties. After arriving at the waterfall we will take a break and enjoy a boxed lunch. The final cascade provides an opportunity to take a refreshing shower.

    Depending on the amount of rainfall, the waterfalls can be powerful and some parts of the trail will be quite tough.

    We will leave early in the morning, and the entire hike will last approximately 4 hours.

  • Be Free in our Private River Beach in the Jungle

    Private Beach Suchipakari, Ecuador .

    Doing nothing still counts as doing something on holiday. Our private sandy river beach, which is great for children and adults alike, with deck chairs, hammocks, BBQ area and seating areas are available for relaxing in the Amazonian sunshine.

  • Indigenous Family Visit

    Ceramics, Kichwa Community, Suchipakari, Ecuador .

    It’s almost hypnotic, watching the indigenous woman moulding clay from the riverbed into a dainty little bowl. In this encounter, a local will demonstrate how their community creates crockery from natural materials found in the forest, and the techniques used to seal and decorate them. There’s also an opportunity to purchase these lovely items for yourself.

  • The Kichwa Community, typical dances

    The Kichwa Village, Suchipakari, Ecuador .

    Where we learn about traditional Kichwa culture. Through an unobtrusive dialogue, we learn about their day-to-day lives. A local host shows us how to make chicha, a typical beverage (tasting is optional!), and demonstrates the spiritual cleansing rituals still practiced today throughout the surrounding community. Finally, we participate in a blowgun target-shooting contest – but don’t expect to beat the natives! It’s an intimate, unique experience, in which we discover both the differences and similarities between our own and other cultures. 

  • Parrot Clay Licks | Birding Tour | Arajuno River

    parrot saladero trail .

    Hemos diseñado este día para explorar una de las vistas más asombrosas de la Amazonía y disfrutar de la observación de cientos de loros y pericos, al igual que experimentar la adrenalina de un Trecking en media de la selva tropical.

    7H00 A 8H00 Inicia el día con un desayuno típico y delicioso en Suchipakari obteniendo las energías para emprender la aventura. Alistaremos las botas de caucho (Talla 35 – 44) y nos dirigiremos con nuestro guía nativo al parqueadero donde nos esperará el transporte. Una vez en el lugar, comenzaremos un trekking en medio de la espesa y húmeda selva tropical, cruzando caminos lodosos y siempre buscando la elusiva fauna del lugar. El guía local revelará los secretos y maravillas de la Amazonía. Tendremos una entretenida caminata a través de los árboles gigantes llegando al corazón de la selva donde podremos escuchar y observar una gran cantidad de aves como las más representativas loros y pericos, al igual que mirar la asombrosa pared de piedra con el rostro del “amo” personaje de respeto y dueño de la selva como lo describe la comunidad. En medio del silencio podremos disfrutar del sonido de estas asombrosas especies y experimentar la verdadera naturaleza del bosque.

    Continuaremos la travesía haciendo una pequeña escalada con sogas por las paredes de roca formadas naturalmente desafiando su lado aventurero; después de una caminata llegaremos al punto más alto del sector con un asombroso panorama de la Amazonia, en este lugar se vivirá la adrenalina de un columpio con una altura de 100 metros, los más aventuremos podrán plasmar esta experiencia en fotografías. Nuestros guías servirán el box lunch, tendremos un tiempo de relax y vivir un instante de libertad.

    Comenzaremos a descender para pronto llegar a una cascada para refrescarnos, tener la sensación del agua en el rostro y recargar energías para retornar al inicio de la travesía. 

    Retornando a la casa Kichwa, tendremos una de las experiencias más íntimas para aprender el estilo de vida de una familia indígena y su conexión con el bosque. Ser testigo de su estilo de vida, idioma. Además, se puede observar cómo las mujeres locales hacen su bebida naturalmente fermentada ¨La Chicha de Yuca¨. Creemos firmemente que se puede lograr un turismo sostenible, cada familia tiene un emprendimiento diferente. Podrás adquirir recuerdos naturales como: artesanías, vasijas, cerámicas o piezas de tallado en balsa.

    Retorno al lodge.