The Ecuadorian Amazon is a healthy ecosystem, but it is in constant threat from outside forces. We find that the well-being of individuals cannot be divorced from the welfare of the environment. Therefore, Suchipakari EcoLodge offers an exclusive and unique hotel experience, looking for the satisfaction of our customers, the benefits of the indigenous communities involved, and valuing our employees. In addition, we promote the conservation and the importance of the Amazon forest, focusing on sustainable development, protecting habitats, and the rebalance of Earth.

We at SuchiPakari adore the Amazon forest,

and have done important work in protecting it and all its magical creatures. We also better our business, consumer, land use practices, recycling, reusing, reducing, using local products, low energy resources, and no air-conditioning makes it even easier. 


The Amazon might seem like a world away, but Suchipakari Lodge is easily accessible from Quito. Leaving civilization far behind, by lunchtime you will be in a hammock listening to the chatter of the birds and monkeys.


Our all-inclusive jungle lodge is the ideal base for you and your family to explore the fascinating rainforest in small groups, led by expert guides.


Remote yet accessible, unspoiled yet comfortable, our ecolodge has protected the fabulous wildlife here for more than 16 years, enabling it to flourish. 

SuchiPakari Amazon Ecolodge, has 22 spacious superior rooms, including two Scenic Kichwa Cabins with a view of Caiman Lake & Roomy Family Suites for those who have brought their children along on their jungle adventure. At SuchiPakari Lodge, we are committed to sustainable ecotourism and keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum. Therefore, we do not have air conditioners in the rooms. There are, however, large windows and a ceiling fan which keeps the air in the rooms circulating.


Experience the way of life of our local community, learning about typical food, the Kichwa language, their hunting techniques, as well as making ceramics from natural materials and ancestral rituals like Ayahuasca Ceremony


LOCAL EMPLOYMENT: We provide many opportunities for the local community decreasing their need to hunt, fish or cut down trees to make a living. This results in a healthier jungle with more wildlife. An important idea that we have implemented in the area is eco-tourism, providing local communities with income through sustainable means, such as the community visits we offer and ceramic demonstrations. Furthermore, SuchiPakari is one of the highest employers in the region, with a local staff of almost entirely local people. In this way, we hope to be able to share the rainforest with generations to come.

OUR GUEST BIODEGRADABLE AMENITIES: like shampoo and shower gel in the bathrooms. Our towel and linen reuse program dramatically reduces the impact on the environment by saving water, emissions of CO2 (from the energy consumed), detergent and the treatment of waste water disposal.


“Suchipakari” is the Kichwa Native word meaning “Nature's Gift” was a dream founded by Native Guide Ruben Morales. After a visit to the Jungle on 1997, his thirst for adventure and protection of the rainforests of South America had been awakened. The construction took more than 3 years, due to the difficulty of bringing the materials, equipment, food, car, canoe transportation and the set jungle weather. In 2002, Ruben opened his tourist lodge, ” Suchipakari Jungle Lodge,” on the Upper Napo at the village between Misahualli and Ahuano . Today, Suchipakari is still functioning there as a successful tourist resort and is the deepest rainforest lodge in this area so far.

How To GET Here

Suchipakari is accessible by canoe or by car (with a secure car parking lot to leave your vehicle) around 30 minutes from Misahualli port or 1 hour from Tena City in the Napo Province

Suchipakari is located on the PUSUNO BAJO RIVER 240 km (149 miles) southeast of Quito

Can be reached in an amazing 5 hour drive from Ecuador's capital or a 4 hour drive from the town of Baños de Agua Santa.

The surrounding area forms part of the Upper Amazon Basin, known as one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world and characterized by small Kichwa communities and abundant vegetation.

The location is also very well suited to make the famous loop Quito - Amazon Napo River - Baños - Tungurahua (or reverse). A huge advantage for travellers who want to continue southwards through Ecuador as you will not have to return to Quito.