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Birdwatching Suchipakari Hot Spot Lodge

Here, the biodiversity will amaze you!


Welcome To Suchipakari Amazon EcoLodge

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  • Rainforest Jungle Trekking – Cascade Latas - Fine Aroma Of The Ecuadorian Cacao Converted in Chocolate
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Only 5 hours from Quito

Suchipakari Amazon Lodge, Ecuador was completely remodeled and reopened in July of 2012 and has since become the premier ecolodge in the Napo Ecuadorian Amazon

The Lodge is Located in a rainforest paradise bordering Napo River in one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet. (Located on Pusuno Bajo, 25 minutes by car from Misahualli Port and 1 hour from Tena City on Napo Province of Ecuador)

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It is here that travelers from all parts of the world, leaving the city life to the jungle in a comfortable eco-lodge  with its inhabitants. A mesmerising experience!

It is a place unlike any other, due to our ubication very deep jungle enter for Puerto Misahualli, On your adventure, you will walk through a pristine rainforest gallery that is home to 1,500 species of trees, hundreds of climbing vines, and exotic flowers, as well as 262 species of tropical birds, 13 species of monkeys and 1,000 species of beautiful butterflies.

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What about insects and malaria?

There has NOT been any malaria or yellow fever in our area until now. So no prophylaxis will be needed, if you only visit the Sierra and our area. But other rainforest places like Yasuni and Cuyabeno or Limoncocha do have malaria problems, as well as the North Coast (Atacames). You should then take medicines with you, if you intend to go to these places.The fact that we do not have malaria does not mean that there are no insects in our area! Therefore, it would be better to protect yourself. Not at night, as everybody thinks, since you can walk around during this time with shorts without any problem, but during the day, when it is advisable to put a repellent on or, better, wear a pair of trousers with socks. The insects that bite during the day are not at all dangerous. They are just unpleasant.

All Ecuador Need is You!

After the earthquake happened in Ecuador, we sympathize with the victims in the Coast of Ecuador, and inform our visitors that the entire sector of the Amazon suffered NO DAMAGE, so we keep operating normally and keep help to our friends and families on the Coast Region

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