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Suchipakari Amazon Reserve & Eco-lodge Misahualli, Ecuador

SUCHIPAKARI is Ecuador's oldest and purest rainforest reserves & eco-lodge. Whether you are learning to understand the rainforest with naturalist guides, swimming in crystalline jungle waterfalls, or simply relaxing and watching birds from the hammock. Suchipakari is completely isolated from modern civilization. An adventure deep in the forest. Home to monkeys, parrots, owl, ocelot, toucans, tree frogs and thousands of other creatures. Suchipakari is paradise for wildlife, nature and river beach lovers.

Suchipakari Eco-lodge - Amazon Reserve & Jungle Tours, Misahualli - Ecuador

Our exotic location makes that in your VACATIONS, You forget the WORLD!

Built over 350 meter above sea level. Nested in the Ecuadorian Jungle, Suchipakari Amazon Reserve & Eco lodge is a STUNNING nature inspired eco-hotel located 11 km to Puerto Misahualli on Napo Province of Amazon Region in Ecuador. Our reserve of preserved rainforest, home to the most fascinating biodiversity... The hotel has 18 rooms, each with a private view of Rainforest. There is a river with private beach next to the property and we have many jungle trails that take you deep into the rain-forest hike. When wandering around you can see the flowering EXOTIC plants, the most unusual species of birds (262 bird species), the playful creatures, and listen to the soothing sounds of nature. Nighttime brings soothing jungle sounds. RELAXING SOLITUDE. Whether you're an adventurer, or just want to chill-out and relax in the middle of paradise, this is the perfect place for you.

  • Suchipakari Amazon Eco Lodge and Jungle Tours Misahualli, Tena, Napo, Ecuador

The Suchipakari is not just an “ECO-LODGE” developed close to nature…We are in fact part of Nature

Responsible Tourism

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At Suchipakari, we believe in responsible eco-tourism and mutually beneficial relationships with local communities.
Our guests have the unique opportunity to interact with local wildlife as well as local people in a responsible, sustainable way.

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Combining a trip to Amazonian with a visit to the Andes or legendary Galapagos Islands results in a truly unique and extraordinary scenic tour. Explore all Regions of Ecuador with Us. Contact one of our Ecuador Travel specialists to get a customized itinerary to fit your precise interests, needs and budget.

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