The SUCHIPAKARI´S WORLD is yours to discover, experience, appreciate the forest.

Our expedition leader, along with the native guides of the region, are here to share the journey with you. Below, we have summarized the main activities and experiences that we offer to our guests.

YOU ARE FREE to combine them as you see fit. Upon arrival and each evening, you and your guide will meet to discuss how you want to spend your time with us, or add more optional activities or adventure sports.

If you have any specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help!

DON'T FORGET IT... day or night ... ¡YOU DECIDE! how to enjoy the adventure to the fullest


Leaving the Lodge, your guide can lead you on half a dozen trails (of varying degrees of difficulty) that can last from half an hour to 4 hours winding through the thick and humid rainforest that connect to the river or lake, crossing muddy roads and always looking for the elusive fauna of the place.


(Extra charges apply).

Enjoy a ride aboard a motorized or rowing canoe and discover a great diversity of places such as museums, various indigenous communities that live on the banks of rivers, we can also observe many different species of birds and wild animals, as well as different types of flowers.


The water is very refreshing after a hike in the jungle. In this fun activity on a buoy, your ability to row with your hands will be the key, looking at the sky and its banks full of trees, you will feel like part of a dream. You decide if you want to undertake this adventure alone or as a couple. This is one of the quietest ways to enjoy a river in the Amazon. Don't forget your life jacket and sandals!


Free yourself from the old sights and explore the flow of the river and its tributaries at your own pace. Our destination is characterized by its variety of cultural and natural attractions such as its beaches in the middle of the jungle. You will also have the opportunity to see monkeys, hoatzIn and many other birds of the rainforest.


As children we have the ability to transform everything around us and there are no limits to what we can be or do. A park is definitely the best playground to let the imagination of our little ones fly. But then, thinking big. WHAT IS A JUNGLE OR A FOREST? give a child a park and he will have fun for a moment. GIVE HIM A JUNGLE AND HE WILL TRANSFORM HIS LIFE!


The frog concert announces that the forest takes on another life in the dark. Do not forget to bring a flashlight for this tour, where we can observe: nocturnal monkeys, owls, snakes, amphibians, sighting of alligators. This is also a great opportunity to OBSERVE THE STARS and constellations!


(Extra charges apply).

Live one of the most intimate experiences to learn the lifestyle of an indigenous family and their connection with the forest. Witness their rituals with medicinal plants, crops, language and techniques of the WASHING OF GOLD.

Test your skills with the use of BLOWGUN or CERBATANA and we will know if you are fit to be the leader of the community. KICHWA KITCHEN: surprise when you return home with new recipes to strengthen the immune system. 

We firmly believe that SUSTAINABLE TOURISM can be achieved, each family has a different undertaking. You will be able to acquire natural souvenirs such as: crafts, vessels, ceramics or pieces of raft carving.


The Amazon on the palate, this experience begins with a journey through cacao trees, savoring the fruit, its sowing, the harvest, the careful fermentation and drying process in our "fine aroma" cocoa agrotourism project. We will end, of course, learning about the elaboration and tasting of chocolate, which includes natural benefits for those who consume them.


Discover the secrets of this land, its flavors, the methodology used in our biodynamic crops, the influences of some medicinal plants on others. Each ingredient has its history and ancestral legacy. A Living tour, where the fruits, plants, flowers and even the care of wildlife, varies during the year, according to their productive cycle.


We seek to improve the quality of life, a new menu of healthy snacks, a shallow pool to delight you with our fresh juices and cocktails with local products. Or if you want to recharge your batteries, request one of our new specialized treatments with one of our masseurs.

Please note that drinks and massages are not included.


(Extra charges apply).

This is special, because it is part of the Amazon that is not on the maps, and it provides the opportunity to be the only ones in this exotic place. Our guide will explain each one in greater detail, depending on the time of day, the weather and the physical capabilities of the group.

SLOTH BEAR TRAIL: 3 hours | Easy access

TITÍ TRAIL: 4 to 5 hours | Total Adventure

The complete Trail advances from the tropical forest to descend and skirt the river inside the canyon and to increase the adventure factor you can take the canyoning equipment, to descend (40 meters) with ropes and harnesses to the Waterfall.

This fun activity is offered to almost all ages, an experience full of adrenaline. At the end you can return to the Lodge, descending by bicycle. Our experienced guides and high-quality equipment (ropes, carabiners, helmet, harness) guarantee a completely safe experience and fully aligned with the protocol against COVID-19.


(Extra charges apply).

Do you like to travel with your bike? Our Hotel is BIKE-FRIENDLY, we have facilities and tools to take care of your bike. Our guides know free transit routes. You will remember how fun it is to appreciate the landscape on wheels and even meet some of the animals that live here... Thus, while you enjoy and have fun, you learn about the environment its IMPORTANCE and its CARE, so that your interaction with nature is unforgettable (Extra charges apply)


(Extra charges apply).

We can find several monkeys jumping in the trees such as woolly monkeys, playful squirrel monkeys, tapir, turtles, capybaras, macaws and the not so friendly as ocelots, boas constrictors and even quarantined anacondas that fight to readjust to Nature. 

By visiting the AMAZOONICO ANIMAL CENTER you are contributing to the care and reintegration of these animals. For this excursion, we take a motorized canoe and descend the Napo River. It can be combined with the ALLIGATOR AND HOATZINES WATCHING IN THE LAGOON ON ANACONDA ISLAND, the first thing you should look at in the water is its pair of eyes that are looking at you. Your guide will attract the reptiles with a little meat to get a closer look.


(Extra charges apply).

One of the most amazing views of the Amazon that is relatively easy to enjoy is observing hundreds of parrots and parakeets that come to obtain the minerals in the clay on the banks of the river, which help them better digest the fruits and seeds. For this excursion, we take a motorized canoe very, very early, it can be combined with a visit to an isolated Indigenous Community on the Arajuno River.


(Extra charges apply).

Dare to descend the walls inside a canyon by rappelling, overcoming different obstacles. This activity has become one of the favorite activities for lovers of adventure tourism, since it allows them to feel the adrenaline, cross paths of naturally formed rocks, the views, the hanging bridges, the sensation of the water on your face, dive in the rivers and live a moment of freedom, entering Nature safely.

The best thing is that you can choose between 5 routes to the Waterfalls with different heights and distances.


(Extra charges apply).

These types of activities are the ones you prefer to live instead of listening to them through third parties, we show you how and where to enjoy this adventure to the limit. In this way, you will feel the true meaning of emotion. In this wonderful province of Napo, you will find rivers that you can enjoy with your partner, friends or family depending on the level of the river.


(Extra charges apply).

Inside incredible paths to discover the inside of the Earth and explore the paths that nature took million of years to create, between the rock formations. Surrounded by ancient rock formations, among stalactites and stalagmites beside underground rivers inside the spectacular caverns and caves of The Jungle.



(Extra charges apply).

Follow in the footsteps of Francisco de Orellana – the Spanish discoverer of the River Amazon – himself as you build your own raft, known as a balsa, using the same technique indigenous communities have for centuries, and still use to this day. Once you’ve lashed together your ‘vessel’ of balsa wood logs and lengths of rope, it’s time to take it to the water, paddling leisurely downstream – and hopefully staying afloat. Your guides will accompany you each step of the adventure, along with your motorized canoe.