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Cultural Tour

Kichwa Indigenous Community

Kichwa Indigenous Community

  • Cultural Tour

Community Cultural Visit: try local foods and drinks (roasted wood grubs, anyone?) and even shoot a blow dart gun! A highlight comes at the end of the tour, when guests have the opportunity to purchase hand-made handcrafts souvenirs directly from the people of the community.

We can ask for a Shaman, to learn about Kichwa culture and local traditions. You can participate in a spiritual "purification ceremony" to purify and energize the body and the mind.

  • cultural encounters
  • Cerbatana - Suchipakari Kid

You can then test your skills on using a typical blowgun and a spear. This is a wonderful cultural occasion to interact with a local family.

We will continue on to the Interpretation Center, managed by women from the community. They will show you Kichwa culture, crafts, songs, language, ceremonial dance, traditional costume, the traditional uses of natural resources, and how to make cassava beer.

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