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Chontacuros - Gastronomia Tipica - culture

Kichwa Cuisine

Kichwa Cuisine

Eat (Cachama or Tilapia) Maito

  • Chontacuros - Gastronomia Tipica 2 - culture

The Maitos are traditional in the jungle and particularly in the Napo Province. It is made out of a fish called Cachama, Chontacuro, Chicken or Tilapia, covered by Bijao (Calathea lutea), dark greenish tone leaves that grow in the shores of the Amazon jungle Rivers, and they give its characteristic taste to the maito. This preparation is simple. The fresh, clean and salt-seasoned fish is placed over the bijao leaves. A base of all the product such as yucca, green banana or hart of palm is placed over the fish mixture of minced onions and tomatoes and season with Culantro (Eryngium foetidum). Then it is well covered and cooked for about fifteen minutes depending on the size.