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Chocolate Jungle Ecuador Tour

Quichua Chocolate Farm Tour

Rainforest Chocolate Tour

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We invite you to join our guided tour and observe each part of the chocolate-making process.

A Cacao Tour

A cocoa expedition, (Which consists of what NatGeo has called "Lost Foods from the Amazon") Accompanied by your guide, you will be able to see and harvest fruits and vegetables that you have probably never seen or prepared before. This is the perfect time to know where the cocoa beans come from and to get closer to the whole story behind these seeds, you can take part in a cooking class to transform the morning harvest into your delicious homemade chocolate

  • Chocolate Jungle Ecuador Tour
  • Chocolate Jungle Ecuador Tour
  • chocolate organic amazon ecuador
  • Chocolate Jungle Ecuador Tour

Discover Ecuador and learn how to prepare the chocolate

  • Chocolate Jungle Ecuador Tour


  • The world of chocoalte from the bean to the bar
  • Chocolate tasting (from the start!)
  • Cocoa seeds, plantation and harvest at the Amazon
  • We will join the cocoa beans from the plantation to the processing center
  • Chocolate tasting again (we love chocolate!)
  • Fermentation and drying process, as well as meeting the Cooperatives
  • Chocolate tasting again (it is just too good!)
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