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KALLARI dark chocolate tastes like no other, you can perceive in each morsel the years of tedious required before a single harvest of our prized beans. First we select only noble cacao varietals, the most common in our blend is award winning Cacao Nacional (recognized with the Presidium Award from Slow Foods International 2004). Our delicate cocoa cultivars are less resistant to plagues and bear less fruit. But they flourish and produce flavorful beans in our 'chakra' home gardens.

We plant our heirloom cocoa trees using traditional techniques that provide us with a bounty of harvests all year from scores of crops, and foster biodiversity unlike most cocoa plantations. Then, we tenderly harvest only ripe pods, ferment for several days to reduce acidity, sort through and select on the finest of our harvest for our own chocolate. Unlike chocolates from North America or Europe, we make our chocolate at an artisanal factory just four hours from our cooperative center.

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