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Tayos Cave, Ecuador

Cueva de los Tayos - Full Day Expedition

  • Cueva de los Tayos

Extra Full Day: $90 Per Person


Discover, as you go along, the ancient underground paths created by water. Live the intense emotion of uncovering the process behind these rock formations that were shaped, drop by drop at the full sight of our nature’s patient eye. You will find...

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The Tayos caves of Ecuador are a legendary vast natural underground network of caves spanning many kilometres, very little of which has been officially explored. The Tayos caves (Cueva de los Tayos) reached worldwide attention in 1973 when Erich von Däniken released his bestselling and controversial book The Gold of the Gods , in which he claimed that Argentinian-Hungarian entrepreneur Juan Moricz discovered gold, unusual sculptures, and a library of metal tablets in a series of artificial tunnels within the caves. Tayos was also mentionning the location of Father Crespi’s collection of mysterious golden artifacts, given to him by the indigenous people of Ecuador. The truth behind the Tayos caves has remained out-of-reach, so last month Ancient Origins carried out an expedition to the caves to see just what lay within this enigmatic subterranean world.

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