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Welcome To Suchipakari Amazon Reserve & EcoLodge

About The Lodge

If you are looking for tennis courts, hair dryers and televisions, Suchipakari is the wrong place. If what you seek is being in pure nature, deep in the rainforest, with clean and comfortable lodging, with home-style jungle Ecuadorian meals plus an adventurous learning experience different from ordinary tourism, then Suchipakari will suit you. At the same time, you will be encouraging the wise use of the rainforest - the reason for the existence of Suchipakari Reserve & Amazon Eco-lodge.

Suchipakari was developed in 2002 to show that we can make rainforest economically productive and so save it from destruction. In Suchipakari, you will be in a remote pristine jungle - near bordering between Napo Province and Orellana Province at 1º1’10.381” S lat., 77º35’52.266” O lon. (look for us on GoogleEarth). At 388 meters (1272,97 ft) above sea level, the climate stays moderate and comfortable year-round and ranging from 90°F (32°C) on a hot day or to 77°F (25°C). There is a lot of rain (it's a rainforest!), but mosquitoes are not a problem. There is little seasonal variation in temperature or rainfall, which is frequent, especially in the afternoons, but usually short-lived.




Suchipakari was completely remodeled and reopened in July of 2012 and has since become the premier ecolodge in the Napo Ecuadorian Amazon. Suchipakari is a model ecoturism project, that has won worldwide awards for social and environmental excellence, and is a featured sustainable tourism pioneer.

All of the staff at the Suchipakari Lodge are from local communities, and the friendly, casual atmosphere has been cited by guests as one of the most pleasant aspects of their stay.

Getting to this exquisite eco-lodge is half the adventure, since you arrive and depart walking from the Pusuno Bajo Parking place. There has NOT been any malaria or yellow fever in our area.

We have a small area designated for Internet and Wi-Fi reception in the main lodge.
(The connection depends of the weather conditions, remember we are very deep in the Jungle)

The Amazon Experience in 3 or 5 Days

At Suchipakari, your day is centered on excursions, in which you and your group, accompanied by an English-spanish speaking indigenous guide, explore the trails, lagoon and rivers of the Amazon rain forest outside the doorstep of the lodge. These excursions are included in the price of your stay.

The Suchipakari is not just an “ECO-LODGE” developed close to nature…We are in fact part of Nature


Complement you travel to the Jungle | Extra Activities

All Extra Activities & Tours are personally selected by the customers tips
and our experimented guides which will be your GUARANTEE.