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ayahuasca - mapacho

Ritual Medicine

Sacred Medicines for your Ceremonies

  • Ayahuasca liana- Suchipakari - Amazon Ecuador

Fresh and strong

Our plants are harvested and dried properly. We send the freshest plants which are full of healing power.

  • Ayahuasca - Suchipakari - Amazon Ecuador

Organic and fair-trade

The plants we sell grow in very clean environment without the use of herbicides or other chemicals.


Supporting the indigenous people

We love helping the native people. The products are acquired directly from the kichwa families.

Shipped Directly from The Ecuadorian Amazon

  • ayahuasca - mapacho

Mapacho roll from Napo, Ecuador

$79.00 USD

  • guayusa3

Wayusa (ilex Guayusa)

$29.00 USD

  • ayahuasca - sangre de drago -

Dragon Blood 
(Croton Lechleri)

$5.00 USD

  • ayahuasca - palo santo

Palo Santo


  • ayahuasca yellow - banisteriopsis caapi

Yellow Ayahuasca
(Banisteriopsis Caapi) vine whole dried

$99.00 USD

  • ayahuasca - crafts

Ayahuasca Crafts


Supporting Native Tribes and Protecting the Amazon