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This retreat is for refresh your mind, body & spirit

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ayahuasca?

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The wise teacher vine Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis Caapi), a plant known for it´s ancient knowledge, comes from the Amazon forest, where she grows in preparation for helping every one of us. 

They focus the spirits of the forest the inner world, earth, sky and other stars. This has been used by Amazonian peoples and cultures for thousands of years to cleanse and heal the mind, body and soul, while preparing and increasing positive energy.

The teacher ayahuasca is a very sacred plant, if you want to learn from it, you should be in peace, faith, peace and balance, she opens the door to find their inner world and the universe.

Why do in Suchipakari Lodge?

Suchipakari Lodges sits about an hour by car into the jungles of Ecuador, far away from societal & noise pollution. Email us and we will arrange a pickup at the hotel in Tena.

Come and share an experience of a lifetime, with extraordinary people from all over the Planet. If you’re looking to get away and connect with nature and some new people, then join us for one of our group retreats.

Start your day by enjoying a delicious and Suchipakari breakfast, while taking in the sounds of exotic birds in the surrounding jungle.

Later, go a trek with a native guide, he’ll share his knowledge and wisdom about the plants, trees, stones and rivers.

At night, take a moment a see the stars from another perspective. Then, prepare to better connect with your self and others during the Ayahuasca ceremonies.

How Is Ayahuasca Prepared?

The Ayahuasca plant (Banisteriopsis Caapi) is best when harvested during the afternoon. We humbly ask permssion before harvesting the Ayahuasca. The plant is cooked in water with the leaves of the Challypanga plant (Diploterys cabrerana).

The medicine remains at a high heat for 3 to 4 hours, until we have a high concentration and then the vines and leaves are removed from the brew.

The remaining medicine is left on a low heat for 30 minutes more and thereafter is ready for the ceremony 

Come and see for yourself!

Experiencie Life with the Kichwa

In the Kichwa community in the Ecuadorian Amazon- They still live where our elders lived and where they developed their own customs and beliefs.

We use the knowledge that they gained from mother nature and passed down to us.

Our duty is to practice and preserve this wise knowledge of our elders from hundreds of years ago by practicing the use of medicinal plants for physical and spiritual healing, primarily through the use of Ayahuasca and energy spirit rituals

Why we offer the Ayahuasca Ritual?

Our retreats are for those that seek to get away and connect with nature, a different culture and learn about our ancient relationship with sacred healing plants. Our hope is that, through this reconnection, you leave with renewed Mind, Body and Spirit; clarity of consciousness and spiritual balance.

The Food before your Ayahuasca Ceremony

During the days of your retreat, we prepare food for our visitors,organic products from our gardens and chemical-free products from the local market. This type of food is best for optimum health blood circulation within our body.

*For at least three days before the retreat, please avoid eating any meat. This includes: beef, pork, guinea pigs and chickens. Also, please avoid eating any products that may contain chemicals.

At Suchipakari, all of our treatments are prepared naturally using organic medicinal plants.

Tips + requirements

For all events, retreats and learning with ayahuasca, we ask for information about any health conditions because it is necessary to know if you are taking any drug treatment from a medical professional. We also ask that you understand the risks.

In all cases the medicines are strong and can stay in the body and blood for several days. Inform your doctor that you will participation an Ayahuasca retreat and receive treatment with the medicinal plants of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Explore the Secrets of the Ecuadorian Amazon

This retreat is for refresh your mind, body, spirit, together a organic and healthy kichwa cuisine prepared daily

Support + Explore The Ecuadorian Amazon

Our service of providing a reconnection to Nature through Ayahuasca ceremonies and other sacred medicinal plants, greatly helps our community. We find a harmonic balance between growing lodge to accommodate more people and enriching our family and community

Ayahuasca Healing

According to Dr Gabor Mate, Canadian psychiatrist specialist in addictions, Ayahuasca can heal all manners of diseases, from cancer to addictions. He sustains that for Western Medicine, diseases are “abnormalities that occur either due to external causes such as a bacterium or a toxin, or they’re accidental or due to bad luck, or their due to genetics”, recognising all these factors as external and biological, therefore causes and treatments are only in the biological field.

Ayahuasca Medicine

Ayahuasca extends the common concept of “medicine” as it aims to put in order body, mind and spirit with the past, present and future. Ayahuasca is not meant to be a replacement for western medicines nor we try to “westernalize” it, as its approach to the healing process of a person involves a completely different paradigm.

Is there WI-FI/Phone service at the centre?

YES, in the lodge we have a wifi & satelital phone for the operations.

We believe that is important to switch off from our laptops and mobile phones as much as you can so you can properly concentrate on your journey. There are areas within the retreat where is possible to receive phone signal, this can be helpful for sending and receiving text messages should you need to get in touch with relatives or for urgent matters

Is there water safe to drink?

Yes the water provided by the centre is safe to drink

Should I take any precautions against malaria?

Malaria is not an issue in the area and anti-malarials are not compatible with Ayahuasca so we would advise against this

How is the climate?

The jungle is hot and humid with cool evenings and nights. It rains every month with a dry and wet season. The wet season is from January through to May

Will I receive assistance during the ceremony?

Yes, the Suchipakari staff and shaman will be on hand throughout the duration of the ceremony to help you work through your journey, and should you need assistance in getting to the bathroom or whilst purging we will make sure you are at all times taken care of.

¿How to Get to Suchipakari - Misahualli - Tena)

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Science, Medicine and Culture behind the ayahuasca retreats

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