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horseriding  - Cotopaxi National Parl

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Andes & Amazon Travel Tips

Quintessentially Ecuador, the Andean region (also known as the Sierra and the Highlands) is the most visited region in the country. Its cultural and natural diversity spans grassy highlands (paramo), cloud forests, mountain lakes, active volcanoes, thermal baths, Indian markets, colonial towns and haciendas.

We will begin in the central Andean Valley near Quito, and after — attempting to catch glimpses of the majestic condor — we will ascend to the paramo altitudes and high-mountain rainforest, before heading down into temperate areas and the subtropical Amazon.

Andes & Amazon Tour, Accommodations

Lodging Quilotota, Cotopaxi

Dinner - Breakfast - Luch

(Quilotoa - Cotopaxi)

Lodging Baños de Agua Santa City, Tungurahua

Buffet Breakfast

(Baños - Tungurahua)

Lodging Misahualli, Napo

  • Accommodation Suchipakari Amazon Lodge

All Inclusive

(Misahualli - Tena - Napo)

Papallacta Hot Springs - Napo Province

  • andes and amazon tours

Health throgh water

Termas Papallacta is a Hot Springs Spa and Resort located in a magical High Andes landscape. More than a destination, it is an integral holistic experience that will awake all your senses.

¡For discover the beauty of nature and the healing properties of mineral hot springs!