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Day 4: Tour Description Discovery

Early Morning Bird Watching Tour

Early Morning Birdwatching Walk: After a refreshing night’s sleep, an early morning birdwatching walk is worth it. (Required binoculars). At 8 a.m., a delicious breakfast is served.

  • Birdwatching Tours Suchipakari

From beginning to the end, the goal of this tour is to identify as many birds as possible. Suchipakari is home to some 262 species of birds, which are scattered among the forests and mountains of the region.

Jungle Immersion

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After the breakfast, we prepare with the rain boots and continue Three hour walk through primary forest, through natural mazes and streams. You can take photos of bromeliads, orchids, medicinal plants, and giant rainforest trees such as the Ceibo, fig tree, Matapalo, and others.

You will then contribute to the conservation of the forest by planting native tree species. This is one of the most exciting experiences of the jungle.

typically, replanting is one of the most important ways to protect the watershed area, a corridor for wildlife and buffer for existing forest.

  • Flora en la Selva
  • Bird Observation – Medicinal Plants – Giant Ceibo Tree – River Tubbing – Privat (47)
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Reforesting the Amazon Rainforest

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  • Jungle Excursions

We will return to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, we will learn how to use the legendary blowpipe weapon of the Kichwa, used to hunt monkeys, birds, tapirs and other animals. When combined with the plant-based liquid mixture “curare”, it functions as a paralytic agent on animals.

A farewell dinner and bonfire will be enjoyed at sunset on the Lodgeʼs private beach while we do Gold panning.

Live a transformative experience In contact with nature

  • Blowgun practice
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  • Playa de Monos en Misahualli

Be part of the local ecology